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Heu(s-k)ach "Un" [cdr]


Heu(s-k)ach "Un"
(fr eefol kdro neimpr ovisa tion)
d'incise: laptop, objects
marcel chagrin: guitar, bass drum

"eu" (en grec: bien; bon)
"heu" (en allemand: le foin, mais aussi une sorte d' interpellation)
"sk" (une sifflante et une occlusive)
"ach" (de l'anglais, "ache", douleur, mal, mais aussi, une sorte
d'interpellation, "ach!")
/Vincent Barras/

80ex limited cdr, screenprinted edition, 4 tracks, 47min
listen :
order on Mitenand.

to be released later on Test Tube netlabel.

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Re : Heu(s-k)ach "Un" [cdr]


Test Tube netlabel: http://www.monocromatica.com/netlabel/r … ube216.htm
.zip: http://www.monocromatica.com/netlabel/r … ube216.zip

«d'incise, our usual suspect when it comes to freejazz, teamed up with Marcel Chagrin (guitar, bass drum) and the Heu{s-k}ach project was born. This is ultimately a live only project, so all the recordings you'll find here were taken from live gigs. And believe me, you can never be so minimal as this. Effects and guitar effects. Nothing more.
'Un' marks a new direction for d'incise's musical projects. Freejazz as the starting point but with total experimentation as the language underneath. You can never have too many layers of sound, I guess. Absolutely awesome if you're into experimental freejazz and beyond..» Pedro Leitão

The album starts with sounds of crushing objects, cymbals and tones of an electric guitar. "Deux" is more quiet and the drony guitar sounds are supported by electronic sounds and bells or something like Tibitan singing bowls. The stringsounds roll closely with the ongoing sounds of these instruments. "Trois" builds up very slowly and the alternation of warm bellsounds and harsh electronics fits really well and moves into a restless noisy end. The last track "Quatre" ends also with a great diversity of sounds and atmospheres created by for example slide guitar, high bell tones. "Un" is the first CD of this new project of the free-minded d'incise. I like the calm atmosphere which he created with Marcel Chargin and the exploration of the most intense combination of soundwaves and rhythms.

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