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Mort annoncée du portail XPLSV.TV

Erf la mauvaise de la journée x(


That’s right.

We’ve reached that point when we don’t think xplsv.tv has a real purpose any more and we decide to end the ride.

The reason we created this site on the first place was because at that time, all the cool videos were randomly posted as direct links to .mov files on sites such as surfstation, design is kinky, etc… We felt a site which sorted all these pieces out would be interesting, not only for helping to discover similar and/or other works from the same creator, but it could also work as a inspirational resource. And we haven’t received any direct feedback on this, but we reckon the site may have helped someone to get a few work offers.

Another reason we created this site was for giving some exposure to people that still didn’t have the level to be featured on, or maybe got censored by the tastes of the curators of the aforementioned sites. This is something that we still see, but nowadays you can get exposure from many other channels than not just these sites.

It’s been an interesting five years. Many promises not realised (v2 anyone?), many ideas on how to use all the data and even a possible evolution of the site that we could maybe develop in the future… But at this point, it is becoming a project that I personally can’t continue working on and yet be able to focus on my personal work.

It may be at this point when you realise that behind all this there is mainly one guy moderating all the submissions and deciding (sometimes with the help of users’ feedback and ratings) which videos should be featured everyday, and a girl taking care of the code. This actually doesn’t take much time, but it’s there, and it must be done daily. There is always the fear that someone could hack the site, post spam on the forum, you know, the usual internet crap… You can’t really go on holidays free of mind.

Maybe someone would think that it’s just a matter of looking for people who can help with the tasks the site requires. But we don’t think this is something that can be fixed just by adding more people. Unfortunately, on this project, it might be even worse.

We’re trying to decide whether we should keep the site online -but with the login deactivated- or just take it down. At this point we think the second option is the best. Otherwise, people would contact us from time to time asking to get their stuff removed because it’s old and their skills are much improved now. This happens all the time.

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Re : Mort annoncée du portail XPLSV.TV

dommage, c'est un chouette site...

je viens de poster une vidéo ce matin même...

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Re : Mort annoncée du portail XPLSV.TV


désolé, mais c'est les premiers mots qui me sont venus à la bouche.....Pour une fois qu'il y avait un bon portail pour présenter et visionner que de la créa..... sad

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Re : Mort annoncée du portail XPLSV.TV


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