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DIATRIBES & PHONOTOPY partielle d'averse

[insubcdr10] DIATRIBES & PHONOTOPY partielle d'averse

a single long cloud of EA sounds, percussions and objects in magnetic relations.

cyril bondi: drums, percussions
d'incise: laptop, objects
phonotopy: tennis cythar, electric racket

+download+ the complet album (23min35 / 320kbps mp3+cover / 60Mo)
Edited as 100 mini-cdrs in hand-made digisleeve.

Diatribes, a strongly libertarian ensemble, began its existence in a Geneva basement in Winter 2004. Adapting the improvised and experimental music languages of today, the duo is highly reactive, dynamic, percussive and/or textured. Initialy a trio, diatribes became a polymorphous formation, accuratly incomplete, extending each time its spectrum with guest musicians, from freejazz to electroacoustic improv, from loud sound wall to intimistic acoustic details, crossing the road of Barry Guy, Keith Rowe, Jason Kahn, Jacques Demierre, Christian Weber, Ernesto Rodriguez, Tomas Korber, Jean Bordé, Mick Beck, etc, travelling through europe to create new entities, with Adbul Moimême in Portugal, Hannah Marshall in England, Rafal Mazur in Poland or HKM+ in Germany.
Phonotopy aka Yann Leguay: both improbable sonic experimentations and self-cons-production label offers a conceptual approach to recording media. Diversion of items, conceptual feedback, tautology, nonsense, concretion and contradiction are the main acoustic ingredients.

music under CC by.nc.nd, copy & share it, thanks

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