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Bienvenue sur le reseau des VJ's francophones ! Ici on échange, on partage, on communique, on visionne, on matte, on diffuse de l'image mixée en temps réel. Pour vous tenir informé·e·s et échanger des infos sur les initiatives au service du VJing et des images live.

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¥785 abs6. automedikation. cd


un peu d'inspiration :-) :

et vos avis/opinions sont les bienvenus..


¥785 abs6. automedikation. cd. november2k10.

extraits :

diagnostik     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-01.mp3
premiers traitements     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-02.mp3
minimoi     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-03.mp3
reforme alimentaire     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-04.mp3
dazing therapy     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-05.mp3
dopamine deficiency     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-06.mp3
douce trepanation     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-07.mp3
basslines enhancing the intestinal transit     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-08.mp3
dancing mass index     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-09.mp3
douce trépanation (remix by mimetic)     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-10.mp3
maybe it's genetic (abs6 feat. monsieur.connard)     http://hymen.darkambient.net/y785/y785-11.mp3

hymen records' new member abs6 may be known to you from audioactivity, a collective of sound and visual artists founded in 2000 in geneva, whose label members are divided between switzerland, france and belgium. amongst the artist’s other projects are gerbem: abs6's drum'n'bass project, and piouk! which resembles high-profile electronica. however, abs6 goes one step further: the album audiomedikation manages to be both, and even more. the music melds and morphs like a kaleidoscope, endlessly turning and creating new perspectives for all lovers of electronic music.

describing the contents of this debut album is no mean feat: you will find a mixture of idm-like patterns, drum'n'bass and deep ambient structures accompanied by straight forward basslines and pounding electro beats. it is the composition and amalgamation of various elements to achieve a broad-ranged heterogeneity. either soothingly calm or playful, each song is a structural element on its own.

abs6 successfully connects and mixes different styles. his influences range from warp heroes autechre and aphex twin to venetian snares, including as well breakbeat giants like black sun empire and ltj bukem:
audiomedikation is the result of this melting pot of influences. it is an administration of drugs for long-term patients suffering from boredom. enjoy the ride!

discography 10.2k10:
audiomedikation. cd. hymen records ¥785

http://www.discogs.com/sell/list?releas … 1977&ev=rb

dispo aussi sur l'oiseau bleu..

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