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Bienvenue sur le reseau des VJ's francophones ! Ici on échange, on partage, on communique, on visionne, on matte, on diffuse de l'image mixée en temps réel. Pour vous tenir informé·e·s et échanger des infos sur les initiatives au service du VJing et des images live.

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christine sehnaoui-dragos tara-d'incise - AT [cnv65]

con-v netlabel http://con-v.org/cnv65.html

christine sehnaoui: alto sax
dragos tara: doublebass, radio
d'incise: laptop, objects, cymbals

recorded live at "Atelier Tampom", Paris, 28.11.09.
thanks to Marc Fèvre.

Dragos Tara and d'incise are two higly active improvisors from the french-speaking part of switzerland.
Dragos has a strong background as composer for instruments and electronics, he takes part of the
Rue du Nord collective that organises many concerts and an annual festival in Lausanne.
d'incise works in the electroacoustic fields, composed and improvised, he is the half of the diatribes duo and coordinates the Insubordinations netlabel.
They've played togheter in many one-shot formation! ss since a couple of years.

In novembre 2009 they made a trip to Paris and joined for a concert the amazing alto saxphonist Christine Sehnaoui Abdelnour.
Christine has develloped since 1997 a strong personal language, deeply sensitive, expanding  new techniques and complex patterns, exploring the microtonal aspects of the saxophone or its high-pitched tone that sounds like electronic tones made on an acoustic instrument.

The music that came out of this meeting is dense, the perception of the instruments is perturbate by thier constant roles changes, each being able to be pecussive, tonal or textural at any time.

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