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Bienvenue sur le reseau des VJ's francophones ! Ici on échange, on partage, on communique, on visionne, on matte, on diffuse de l'image mixée en temps réel. Pour vous tenir informé·e·s et échanger des infos sur les initiatives au service du VJing et des images live.

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heu{s-k}ach & pedro sousa sur Resting Bell


heu{s-k}ach is a duo of improvisors (d’incise and Marcel Chagrin) generating long sound constructions, opposing simple, sometime almost repetive elements to concrete textures and deep drones. The hypnotic result is a bastard born from a large range of inspirations like free improv, electroacoustic music, drone and psychedelic music.
For “I know not what tomorrow will bring” they teamed up with Pedro Sousa and recorded 4 wonderful pieces in Lisbon. Using guitar, electronics, a bass drum, objects and a tenor sax they create a wide and open ambience, oscillating between silent passages, rhythmic structures and long drones. Although the complete work is improvised and offers a free structure, all participants keep it together in a very subtle way.
The result is a fantastic work, fitting perfectly to a sleepless, warm and humid summer night.

http://www.restingbell.net/releases/rb0 … will-bring

cdr:  http://www.insubordinations.net/shop.html

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